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Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids

 If it’s raining and your day has shifted from fun to booorring, try one of these rainy day indoor activities for kids to keep them learning, moving and having fun - all without screens!

  1. Use your brain and your body with an indoor scavenger hunt. You can determine how easy or how hard the hunt is, how much time you want to kill, with how many items you have on the list and what fun add-ons you’ll tack on to the game.

  2. Recycle old those old mismatched socks and make sock puppets. Grab some old socks, stray buttons from those pants you don’t own, and other arts and crafts materials to create your very own puppet! Bonus: for extra fun, have a puppet show with the finished product and then watch the Muppets! 

  3. Have an indoor picnic or tea party. This is a fun way to eat snacks and meals while stuck inside. You can bake or create some fun and healthy treats to go along with your tea party or picnic. Pinkies up!

  4. One of the ultimate indoor activities for kids, build an epic fort with pillows, blankets, chairs, and couch cushions from around the house. Grab books, LEGO® bricks, actions figures, dolls, or stuffed animals for hours of fort-fun! Check out these 9 creative indoor forts!

  5. Have a family fashion show. Raid the closets and find the classiest (or tackiest) dresses, suits, ties, and costumes to dress up in. Put on some tunes and walk down the cat walk. Equal parts glam and fun.

  6. Get the band back together! Make music using kitchen utensils like pots, pans, wooden spoons, plastic cups, rubber bands and make music. Play familiar tunes and sing along to the beat.

  7. Get the kids in the kitchen and whip up a batch of cloud dough. The kids will have fun making the concoction and playing with it!

  8. Write a letter to a friend or family member. A day stuck indoors is a perfect day to write a letter to a friend or a faraway family member that you are thinking of. Everyone loves getting mail, this is a perfect time to sit down and take the time to show that person some love!

  9. Have an indoor beach party. Put on your swim suits, grab some sunglasses, and lay down your beach towels and pretend you are lying in the sun! Have your kids take a warm bath in their swimsuits and goggles to take the fun to the next level.

  10. It’s the indoor games! Create an indoor obstacle course and pretend you’re at The Little Gym! Lay down cushions and have your child go around the house doing different kinds of obstacles. Just make sure they are doing their obstacles in a safe area!

  11. Whatever the weather may be, these boredom-busting indoor activities for kids are sure to turn a rainy day into a memorable one. The sun will (hopefully) come out tomorrow!

If you’re looking for an indoor playground near you, kid-focused activities like The Little Gym can be another great option for busy families on those rainy days. Bul. Bulgaria 118

Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids


If your kids are experiencing the mid-summer boredom blues and you’re running out of things to do with kids, it’s time to get them outside for some awesome, outdoor, summer fun. Playing outdoors has more benefits than just getting the kids out of the house; in fact, research shows that outdoor games and play promotes social skills, increases attention span, helps to reduce stress, and kids can get their daily dose of vitamin D! Need we say more? Check out some of our favorite outdoor summer activities for the whole family.

Backyard Fun

  • Craft a backyard obstacle course using items you have on hand like water hoses, pool noodles, or even brooms! Have the kids do monkey-jumps over the hose, forward rolls through a line of pool noodles, and hitting a ball with a broom to the finish line! Have your own ninja warrior course!

  • Put together a backyard scavenger hunt and let your kids go wild. There are so many things kids can find in the backyard, like friendly bugs, plants, flowers, rocks or even feathers. 

  • Plant a garden. Not only will planting a garden teach children about responsibility (think watering and weeding), it will help teach them how things grow. Gardening is also proven to help with cognitive functions, socialization and language skills.

  • Turn on the sprinklers or craft up a DIY slip ‘n slide. The kids will spend hours outside frolicking in the water and they might convince you to take a slide yourself.

Nighttime Activities

  • Summer activities like backyard camping, equipped with s’mores by the campfire, is a special experience for a child. Grab the tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, and lanterns and camp without the worry of forest creatures (depending on where you live). The kids will have fun having a real camp experience along with delicious, ooey-gooey s’mores!

  • Host a backyard movie night. Project your child’s favorite movie onto a hanging white sheet and make one of these delicious popcorn recipes and you’re ready to go!

  • Catch and release - fireflies! If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where fireflies are visible at night, take this opportunity to catch (and release) these whimsical bugs. 

Outside the neighborhood; exploring the great world out yonder

  • Live near a pond or lake? Head out on a mini fishing trip fully equipped with your child’s own fishing pole and bait. If your kids like creepy crawlies (worms), let them go digging in the backyard before you head out! Looking for something less time consuming? Feed the ducks some halved grapes or thawed frozen corn!

  • Explore good ol’ mother nature with a trail walk or scenic hike. This is a great way for kids to get out their energy and to learn about the world around them. Be sure to pack easy-to-access snacks and lots of water. Don’t forget the sunscreen too…  Here’s are great tips and a packing list broken out by age.

  • Head to the local park, splash pad, or community pool. Pack a picnic lunch and head home just in time for a good afternoon nap!

With these fun, outdoor games and activities your family is sure to have a fun summer. Too hot for outdoor fun? Then come play with us at The Little Gym Sofia

Why Your Kid Needs Summer Camp



Parents want their kids to have the best experiences possible. They want their children to be happy, healthy, and to find success. While there are many activities for kids to help your children achieve these life goals, enrolling them in summer camp programs can help. Summer camps for kids offer children a fun, nurturing environment where they are given opportunities to interact with positive role models, work together with their peers, develop creative skills, build independence and so much more. Check out these 5 benefits of summer camps for kids:

1. Unplug from technology: Studies show that children spend a whopping 7.5 hours on average, per day engaging with technology. Camps provide children with technology-free hours where they are able to rediscover their creativity and engage with their peers.

2. Promotes independence: Camps give children the opportunity to grow more independent, whether for a few hours, a day, or a week at a time. The separation from parents allows children to learn to rely on themselves, their peers, and others in a safe and secure environment.

3. Engage in more physical activity: Kids spend so much time sitting at desks, on the couch, or at the kitchen table; summer camps provide children with physical activities for kids, a chance to have fun and get moving with their peers through running, jumping, climbing and more.

4. Learn teamwork: Camps provide children with the unique opportunity to work together for a common goal; whether during a game or activity, kids are communicating, learning, and benefitting from one another.

5. Builds self-confidence: By removing competitive activities and tasks, children are given the opportunity to gain new skills and accomplish tasks and experience success. This type of success is directly correlated to gaining self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Summer camps are a great way to provide children with the opportunities to gain important life skills to become happy, healthy and successful adults. To learn more about The Little Gym’s Summer Camp programs for kids 3-12 years call us at: tel: 0888594441

Get Up and Get Moving!


The times, they’re changing, and it’s becoming even more difficult to keep our kids engaged, happy, and well, out of our hair. I know I’m not alone when I say that I have used my friends: television, computer, and tablet as a distraction for my children when I need 30 minutes of peace.


As parents, we know it’s not always easy, but are kids being exposed to too much technology? According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children spend an average of 7 hours a day using media including television, computer, internet, video games, and cell phones. In an ever growing media driven world, it’s becoming even more important to make sure your child is getting active every day.


So, how can you encourage your child to get active? Show them that being active is fun! Exercise as a family by going for a nightly walk, jog, or having a family soccer game in the back yard. You can also get your children involved in activities outside of the home like The Little Gym to help them appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle for years to come. Whether you’re running, jumping, or tumbling, get moving with your child to build the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

Our Top 5 Family Dinners


You know how important it is that your kids eat a healthy dinner every night and we know how hard it is to get your kids to eat the food you want them to eat. If you’re tired of mac & cheese and frozen chicken nuggets, here’s a list of our top five healthy dinners that the whole family will enjoy.


  • Looking for a way to pump more vegetables into your kids’ diet? Let’s start with Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs. The spaghetti squash is packed full of nutrients. The recipe also includes a healthy amount of celery, carrots, and tomatoes all disguised in the sauce. If you want to make it even healthier, try trading the ground beef for ground turkey.
  • These Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls are stuffed full of healthy things like black beans, spinach, and corn. If you want to make them even heartier try adding some cooked chicken breast. These save so well you might even want to make a double batch so your kids can eat them the next night, too!
  • We love burgers! As a parent you’ll love these Ultimate Turkey & Black Bean Burgers even more because not only are they made with healthy ground turkey but there is also a serving of protein- and fiber-rich black beans in each one. Add some sliced avocado to really make it healthy to the max.
  • We love this recipe for Sesame Chicken Salad because it’s a little out of the ordinary and easy as can be. Your kids will love eating the carrots, snow peas, chicken and pasta, especially when they’re the ones who mix the peanut butter dressing.
  • Your family will beg you every week to make these Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers, a fun play on the traditional chicken pot pie. You’ll be surprised how easy it they are to make. This recipe calls for chicken breast, celery, and carrots, but don’t be scared to add other vegetables to the mix.

Happy eating!

Cold and Flu Myths

Cold and Flu Myths

It starts with a sniffle – next thing you know, the whole household is sneezing, coughing, and passing tissues. If you’re feeling confused about how to treat colds and the flu, you’re not alone. Separate the facts from the fiction and check out the top 3 cold and flu related myths.


Myth #1: The flu vaccine causes the flu: Getting a flu shot may cause symptoms that feel like the flu, but the viruses contained in the flu shots have been killed, or “inactivated.” which means they can’t cause infection. While there may be some achy side effects that can sometimes follow the flu shot, it just means your immune system is responding and processing the vaccine.

Myth #2: You’re more likely to get sick if you’re cold: Despite mom’s warnings that you should bundle up, being cold does not cause a cold. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, infections prevail in winter months because they are spread when more people stay indoors for longer periods of time and are in closer contact with each other.

Myth #3: Hugging and kissing are great ways to spread cold and flu germs: Cold and flu viruses like to enter the body through the nose or eyes, so a hug or a peck on the cheek isn’t likely to be dangerous. Don’t be afraid to give your sick child plenty of affection, and don’t worry that a kiss or hug will spread your germs to him (or vice-versa).


Many parents recognize The Little Gym as a safe and clean place in which to bring their children. We work hard to ensure each and every visit lives up to your expectations. Daily and weekly cleaning and sanitation helps keep our environment sparkly and keeps the germs away.  And if your child is feeling a little under the weather, our generous make-up policy allows you to attend a make-up class by simply calling us prior to the absence.