Why you should let your kid explore the world?

6_Almost there!
To be exploring the world without fear is one of the first and most essential signs of confidence that a healthy child develops. When mom and dad are not over-protective and let their kid learn about their surroundings, fall and get up again at times, but still eager to try new things, then they are in the process of raising a confident child.

When do parents actually start worrying about their kids’ safety? When they learn how to crawl. And later, when they learn how to walk, when they are around 1 year old. With walking comes the wider world. The wider world means more trouble, some might say. May be true, but when we are close enough to react if something happens and not so close for the child to feel he is constantly watched over, we have a great chance to succeed in dealing with hazardous situations. When the child falls, for example, our instinctive reaction might be to run across the room to “save” him. My advice is – count before you run. You will have seconds to assess the intensity of the situation and in most cases the kid will not cry (if we haven’t induced this reaction in him) and will start up again. This is how our children learn their early life lessons and develop independence.  

“I know” and “I can” are the words we want to hear from toddlers. It is our job as parents and professionals to develop the passport for a lifetime of social well-being – a healthy self-esteem. How people value themselves, get along with others and perform in school and work later in life all depend on their self-esteem. Setting the grounds is essential.