How you can help your kid to focus

3_New discoveries at The Little Gym!

It is true – kids nowadays find it hard to focus, can’t keep their eyes on what they are doing and sometimes miss important details in instructions. Usually, in group activities the little ones actually learn how to pay attention, to listen carefully, to respond to verbal guidance and to become more engaged.

Here are some activities (group and individual) your child can benefit from:

1. Kids may not respond to direct instruction when it comes to everyday activities, like brushing their teeth, for example. They may resist, which could lead to an angry parent and we don’t want that to happen. So, next time consider making up a song or a rhyme to bring attention to the task. This will help the kid remember what he is supposed to do. It could also be used for academic purposes – when you are trying to teach your child a certain concept.

2. It is very useful to have your child repeat instructions back to you. This way he engages different brain structures and builds strong neuron pathways, important for learning.

3. Clapping to indicate the sounds in a word, stomping feet to count – these will help your child be more engaged and make stronger memories.

4. Learning and playing with hands-on materials, play dough, etc. – this will help the child who loves to touch and be touched.

5. Children need to move in order to learn. Use balls and bubbles to promote body awareness and perceptual motor skills, body positions and balance.

6. You can engage movement in learning when possible. Use the space you have to make the kid move around and may be pick up flashcards which he has to memorize. Or tape different parts of a puzzle on the walls and make your child jump in order to reach them.   

The most important thing is that learning can happen in a fun and natural way for the kid in a safe environment, where the child feels independent and valued.