DIY Halloween Treat Bag


DIY Halloween Treat Bag



With Halloween just around the corner, this month is filled with creativity and imagination. Here is a fun Halloween treat bag craft to help you and your child get into the Halloween spirit!

Supplies needed:

Coloring sheet, click here to get yours!

Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils

A paper bag (turn a grocery bag inside out – or use a gift bag you may have had laying around the house – be creative!) or a Pumpkin!

Tape or Glue

Your Imagination!


Print and color the coloring sheet

Carefully cut out the shapes on the sheet. If your little one is too young to use scissors on their own, parents complete this part for them.

Use your shapes to create a cat, a ghost, or a unique, imaginative Halloween creature! Stick the shapes on your paper bag with glue or tape.

Take a picture of your child’s creation and share it on our Facebook page!